Product Development

Being reliable, providing good service, and consistently producing high quality, innovative products is the cornerstone on which we build relationships with our clients and ensure success.

Product Development and Consulting Design Process

Design Engine facilitates product development through various phases in order to help our clients reach marketplace success. Our clients look to us to resolve issues based upon their needs. We collaborate with clients to create design products that are practical, innovative, and well thought out. Our process has assisted company’s within a wide variety of markets. We are able to impart insightful engineering and industrial design ideas through numerous CAD software packages and beyond.

4 D's of the Design Engine process


Research opportunity gaps, market insight; competitive analysis; Values and goals; Proposal


Insightful research of product capabilities, consumer base, and feasibility studies; Safety & Regulations; Visual Brand Language (VBL); Timeline and Budget


Sketch & CAD Ideation, Product Analysis, Color, Material, & Finishes (CMF), 3D Scanning, Ergonomics, Surfacing, Textiles design?


3D Modeling: industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering; Reverse Engineering for implementation, design and analysis recovery; Documentation & Drawing Packages; Prototyping, Screening & Testing; Component Sourcing and Purchasing; 3D Printing; Manufacturing management; Patent Submission

Sketches of headphones for product development
Rendering of headphones with the Design Engine logo


Design Engine can customize any number of services we provide, while fully communicating and supporting our clients as products move into production.

Idea Generation/ Ideation

Concept sketching to more carefully honed photoshop models, along with precise 3D CAD deliverables

3D Scanning

We generate either surface tight 3D solid models or fully parametric geometry from binocular cameras


CNC, Sheet Metal fabrication to 3D printing, and urethane molds; Short-run manufacturing

Detail Drawings

Documentation and drawing packages are a part of every project

Component Sourcing

Sourcing and purchasing components or assemblies may be the fast way to get to market. Sourcing for small production runs is our expertise


From managing short-run production on our machines to sourcing production stateside or offshore, we can manage production or empower your team to do so

Reverse Engineering

  • Implementation recovery Quickly learn about the application and prepare an initial model.
  • Design recovery Undo the mechanics of the database structure and resolve foreign key references.
  • Analysis recovery Remove design artifacts and eliminate any errors in the model.

Mechanical Engineering

Stress analysis to failure testing


Our experts are ready to help you with any of your needs, from equation driven geometry to stylized surfaces and aircraft geometry

Electrical Engineering

From a layout of electronics to motherboard layout or prototyping boards and sensors

Textile Design

Aesthetic, safety, and comfort are all considered when designing for anything baby products to tractor seats


Stuck on a project? Our experts can assist in moving past any design or engineering hiccups your team may have encountered.