Creo Surfacing Creo Style ISDX

Course Duration: 16 hours

Overview: ISDX is the interactive (updates in real time) surfacing module from PTC. ISDX is quite revolutionary in that it combines push and pull like efforts of Alias or Rhino and gives those functions to designers and engineers who create products. This class is perfect for industrial designers with previous Alias or Rhino experience. This class is also great for engineers looking to capture form within a product design arena.

Note: This class is administered differently to engineers who are interested in capturing form, from administering the class to industrial designers interested in proving form.

Onsite Training: This course can be customized for?specific products and documented before the class is administered.?CAD or Product Managers?should call to inquire about custom tutorial development and costs for onsite training. We also offer a subscription?for custom?tutorials.

Prerequisite: Creo Surfacing Week One or the Creo Surfacing Week One Alternative is required for this class.




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