Creo Reverse Engineering WEEK long intensive

Merkava Israeli Super Tank

This week long course is made of four two day classes and presented using a variety of examples. From managing mass STEP and IGES data, repairs, to STL data from scans this course is for you to be the expert within your organization. In the end all this geometry needs to be parametric as well so iterative design changes are important for the FEA or the CFD. This course can be made to work around reverse engineering compound surfaces of manifolds or form fit to Armor on Tanks.

Creo: Import Data Doctor

You used to be able to bring in IGES data before wildfire 3.0 — Learn to manage import geometry from various 3D software packages such as Alias Studio, Rhino 3D, and/or SolidWorks. IDD (Import Data Doctor)...

Creo Surfacing: Advanced Import to Create Parametric Surfaces

Learn to create digitally correct complex geometries relative to point cloud imports using parametric curves and parametric surfaces inside Creo...

Creo: Flexible Modeling Extension FMX

Creo Flexible Modeling Extension FMX was developed from a previous software package called ME30 or Co-create modeling tools...

Creo Surfacing: Restyle & Reverse Engineering REX

Learn to transform physical products from digital scan data into digitally correct complex Creo surface & solid geometry as an integral part of your product development process...