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Wiring Harness Cable Connectors
Design Engine

Design Engine

Cabling and Wiring Harness Assemblies

The global wire harness market is poised to grow by $33.95 billion USD during 2020-2024, according to the latest market research Technavio. Cable Harness software uses both assemblies and 2D schematics software to design, lay out, and route cables through 3D assemblies. Therefore, the 2D software allows the electrical engineer to create a layout of the wiring diagram from library components.

Jobs & Standards

Electrical engineers design, develop and test the manufacturing of electrical equipment. CAD enables these engineers to create electrical and electronic diagrams, control circuit diagrams, schematics and documentation. Standards are extremely important because a failed audit costs time and money.?Use of the IPC/WHMA-A-620 standard requires agreement on the Class to which the product belongs. The user has the ultimate responsibility for identifying the class to which the assembly is evaluated. If the user does not establish and document the acceptance class, then the manufacturer may do so. Above all, it is an important piece to the process, materials, and inspections standard for the cable and wire harness industry.


  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Energy
  • Military
  • Industrial
  • Rail
  • Medical

Automotive & Transportation – The world automotive and transportation manufacturing market consists of passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles, heavy trucks, buses/coaches, rail, and marine.? According to the latest market study released by Technavio, the global automotive wiring harness market is expected to reach USD 53.15 billion by 2020, resulting in a growth at a CAGR of 6%. An automotive wiring harness is an assembly of electrical wires, connectors and other parts, or an electrical wiring system. It is used to convey information and energy in automobiles. The difference between an automotive wire harness vs a standard wire harness is in the connectors used and the test being done.

Aircraft – Each aircraft typically has an air vehicle specification (AVS). This is a very large document that the OEM writes prior to designing the aircraft. Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standard for Aerospace Vehicle Wiring. It covers information such as wire current-carrying capacity; how wires should be identified, marked, routed and supported in military aircraft; and hundreds of other guidelines and requirements. There are thousands of part numbers to choose from when designing a wire harness. How do you decide which parts to select? One good thing about military parts is that they are common across many aerospace platforms.?

Medical – The global medical device and equipment market designs and manufacturers equipment in order to diagnose and treat patients within the global healthcare system.? For instance, major product categories manufactured are electro-medical equipment, in-vitro diagnostic equipment, irradiation apparatuses and dental equipment. The global medical device and equipment market is expected to grow about 5% over the next five years. Custom cable assemblies are the best way to get the perfect device ready for both medical professionals and their patients: Durability, Disposability, Biochemical Interface, Adaptability are four uses within healthcare.

Component Selection

  • Wire selection and identification
  • Connector selection
  • Harness Bundle
  • Schematics

The ideal wiring harness is only as good as its wiring harness components and the operating conditions for which it is made. Therefore, what kind of components to use in manufacturing the wiring harness, and how many, will be determined by the application as well as the environmental conditions that the product is intended for. And one company, PEI-Genesis offers custom cable harness design services and builds custom cable assemblies from its extensive inventory of connectors. As well as, leveraging its 40-plus years of connectors expertise for harsh environments of aerospace/aviation, oil and gas, rail/mass-transit, industrial, medical, and military sectors.

Training and Development

    Design Engine offers Creo Cable Harness Design training courses (Week 1 and Week 2) intended for Contractors, Drafters, Mechanical Engineers & Electrical engineers involved in the management of schematics, electrical cabling and wire harness design, or technicians who work within harness design and development teams. Learn to route electrical harnesses through Creo assemblies and separate top down models. Create within Creo Schematics to transfer information into 3D harness designs through Creo Assemblies. Upon completion, participants will be able to create 3D electrical harnesses and associated manufacturing deliverables using Creo assemblies and Creo Schematics.

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