Creo Advanced Sheet Metal


Changes are made and updated parametrically throughout the entire design process. The result is fully-associative solid models of sheet metal parts and assemblies ready for production. Participants will be trained to work on items such as small battery contacts, aircraft mounting brackets, electronics enclosures, larger stove/oven components, or auto panels. Curriculum can be combined with Creo Surfacing tools for automobile sheet metal functions or for smaller battery contacts

Advanced Creo Sheetmetal


Creo 6.0 sheet metal formed feature
  • Set up Creo Sheet Metal for team design efforts
  • Bend allowance and developed length
  • Y & K factors
  • Punch and die reference parts
  • Sheet metal bend tables
  • Deformation areas
  • Importing STEP / IGES geometry then creating flattened states
  • Flexible modeling specific to Creo Sheet Metal
  • Starting with Solid parts vs Sheet Metal parts, i.e. convert vs conversion
  • Alternate methods and workflow for experts

Duration & Cost

16 hours = $1650/person

For corporates, please call (312)226-8339


Prior Creo Sheet Metal experience is highly recommended


  • Develop layout for oven and stove components
  • Create complex beryllium copper battery contact with bend on top of form feature
  • Use bend table to control
  • Calculate the developed length of material needed
  • Convert IGES file with inconsistent wall thickness and punch geometry into a Sheet Metal part ready for production
  • Use automatic Ordinate Dimensions on sheet metal component in drawings
  • Create bend order tables that specify the order, bend radius, and bend angle used for manufacturing
  • Design sheet metal parts defining the volume and support structures for the components of an assembly
  • Curriculum can be combined with Creo Surfacing tools for automobile sheet metal functions or for smaller battery contacts
Creo sketched form feature


Creo 6.0 Louvers
  • Discuss differences between Notch and Punch Forms
  • Sheet metal design approach
  • Discuss obtaining specific tolerances
  • How to modify Y & K factors for specific tooling or prototyping
  • Discuss stretching due to deformation areas
  • Importing STEP or IGES geometry
  • Flexible modeling specifically to Creo sheet metal
  • Creo Sheet metal? accounts for bends of different radii and material thickness

Video Training Delivery System

Ask your Design Engine account manager about our Training Delivery System(TDS), an easy-to-follow guide for designers and engineers who want a supplement to this course.?